We work with a wide range of different types of financiers. Here's a small selection.


To increase social and economic returns based on their own circumstances

We help our members and customers  identify companies and funds with a high potential for solving social challenges and providing good financial returns. We support venture capital companies such as Gullspång Invest (pictured), Etikinvest, Harbert European Growth Capital with deal sourcing and evaluations of unlisted companies in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

We have trained and guided a number of families and private investors in applying an impact approach in their own wealth management and long-term savings, especially when a younger generation begins to take over the reigns of the family wealth. Our starting point is to show how to invest  in organisations that contribute to a better society, regardless of financial capacity. Joining our investor network is an easy way to learn from experienced impact investors.

Some  of the companies we've helped raise capital:

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Having social results as a starting point for procurement

and investments in new welfare solutions

We have done several studies and calculations for new financial models, for clients such as the European Investment Bank and the Swedish Procurement Authority. These reports show a number of examples of how public procurement and social investment funds can be used to bring in more social innovation within Swedish municipalities and counties. In one of the reports, we also describe the feasibility study that we did in collaboration with the Swedish Municipalities and the County Council (SKL) on the Nordic region's first sustainability bond with a social outcome contract for long-term sick leave.


If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of social outcome contracts, bonds and public social investment funds, click here to be taken to our free e-learning course with nine short videos.



The fund which gives people a second chance

Ex-offenders and people in recovery from addiction, often find that the labor market is often closed to them. The British foundation Forward saw that their successful work in rehabilitating people serving a prison sentence, or recovering from drug abuse, becomes increasingly difficult to maintain when clients are unable to get employment. To address the problem, the foundation initiated this fund which provides support for starting or expanding businesses which provide jobs to people from those two target groups. Forward had no knowledge of its own to finance companies.

The fund matches the funds that an early-stage company has been able to raise through crowdfunding; for those who are in the growth stage, it offers business advice and loan financing. The fund's capital comes primarily from a public, national fund, which also provides the fund with financial support for some of the administrative costs. A Swedish family provides money which  entrepreneurs can receive as matching grants in crowdfunding. The business advice is financed through a grant from one of the national lotteries. The loans offered are unsecured and with an interest rate of 7-12%. A smaller part of the loan is donated when the social results are achieved.

We helped Forward to launch the fund in April 2018 and helped the foundation manage the entire investment process. To date, 17 English organisations have received support. Some of them are: TAP Social, a newly started Oxford brewer that offers internships and jobs to people who have just served prison sentences; Seagulls Re-use in Leeds, which began its business of processing and selling leftover paint, thus creating a work-integrating, profitable business; HM Pasties who opened a bakery in Manchester staffed with ex-offenders.

Read more about the Forward Enterprise Fund

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