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Researcher, policy developer

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil is a Ph.D. economist with a background in applied macroeconomics, economic growth and development economics. Her interest is in understanding the fundamental factors stimulating high-growth entrepreneurship and evaluation of social impact. 


Cristiana acquired a rich expertise in impact evaluation of programs to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth in advanced and developing countries. As part of the Adansonia research group, Cristiana has worked several years in the African entrepreneurial ecosystem developing and implementing Randomized Control Trials to study the impact of virtual social networks, peer-to-peer learning and e-business courses on start-up business success. As a researcher at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Cristiana has focused on providing policymakers with impact assessments of European innovation policies using modelling platforms.


She is now leading a pilotto include 5,000 social entrepreneurs in Europe to test similar tools as in Africa, where results were positive. Impact Invest is contributing to the contents of the web based busienss training.

Driven by her passion for socio-economic development and women empowerment she has also co-founded and co-managed the NGO Social Venture Africa that offers vocational and business trainings in rural Ghana.

Cristiana holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in economics from the European University Institute and she has worked at the European Commission, the University College London and the Institut d'Analisi Economica (CSIC) in Barcelona.

Cristiana contributes to Impact Invest with her deep expertise in economic models and analysis, evidence based methods for enterprise support, as well as social impact studies.


She is based in Brussels and London.