Impact Invest is an intermediary and advisor, with a mission to increase capital and resources to businesses that solve the most pressing societal problems.

We started in 2012 as a network for business angels, foundations and private investment companies. At the time, the concept of impact investing hardly existed and we devoted a lot of energy to explain and exemplify what impact investing is. Today, all our activities are about how and what can be done with both traditional and new financing solutions.

For the past couple of years, we have been a team working with a wide range of different actors in the Nordics and internationally.

The business today has three areas: we carry out assignments aimed at supporting investors and financiers; we run the network & training for investors, and carry out various programs for social entrepreneurs. We provide capital and resources to hundreds of organisations annually.

What we are not: We do not have our own fund or our own financial products that we sell. Our advice is independent.
We are incorporated as a social enterprise with a commitment to re-invest the majority of our profit into our entreprenuership programmes.


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Community Manager

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Researcher & policy developer

Investor Relations 


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Care of Business Project Manager


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