Impact Invest is an intermediary and advisor, with a mission to increase capital and resources to businesses that solve the most pressing societal problems. We work in three different areas:

  • The Investment Network

  • Advisory and consultancy support

  • Leadership and growth programmes for entrepreneurs


We started in 2012 as a network for business angels, foundations and private investment companies. Our investment network offers a community to discover and learn about the tools and practices of impact investing and to get exposure to pre-vetted companies that seek capital.

For the past couple of years, we have been a team working with a wide range of different actors in the Nordics and internationally develop and share knowledge, such as The Impact Management Project, Toniic and the Global Impact Investment Network

Our advisory and consultancy support private inviduals and families, as well as professional clients to increase their social returns, alongside financial requirements. We help guide in the confusion of an ever increasing market of products labelled with "impact" and "sustainable". For our professional clients, we provide support in the entire investment process and structuring of products and programmes. See Cases for examples of our projects.

We are incorporated as a social enterprise with a commitment to re-invest the majority of our profit into our entreprenuership programmes.


Office and contact details:
Klustret, Birger Jarlsgatan 58, Stockholm



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Strategic Communications & Reporting Expert

Researcher & policy developer

Communications and Partnerships Manager


Community Manager

Investor Relations 


Senior Advisor

Care of Business Project Manager


Founder and CEO

Programme coordinator

Board Member