Online Impact Investor meeting - February 5, 13:30-15:00

Welcome to another Impact Investor meeting! As per usual, we will introduce and hear presentations from several exciting companies.

First of them is Workmotions - the inventor behind a range of ergonomic desks that have been scientifically proven to reduce and prevent pain in shoulders, neck and arms. In times of home based work that potentially result in negative impact, we wish to support companies that have well documented solutions. To meet this opportunity, Workmotions is looking to raise an equity round. Check one of their main products in a short video here.

Konn Homes is a Jordanian construction technology company that provides advanced, tech-enabled solutions for the construction of sustainable and affordable homes. Konn’s vision is to lead the way into the future of living with the safest and most sustainable homes, and it is on a mission to make high quality living affordable to all segments of society through technology.

Impact Invest runs several leadership and growth programmes in Sweden and abroad. We support entrepreneurs that do not have the same access to capital and support, as the typical tech-startups in the large Nordic cities. At this event a few, select ventures will present.

Register för the event here.

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th of February!