Video: Impact Invest member network kick off and investor night - October 13, 2020

During the evening we we profiled several very interesting companies that seek funding to either launch or expend their business and impact.


Up to 15% of all people that seem to suffer from dementia in fact have a neurological condition that can be treated with a simple form of surgery. Despite being such common condition, few patients get the right diagnose. Likvor has a patent for their diagnostic software and tool that help increase quality of life for so many around the world. First clients include Swedish, Iranian, Greek and British medical care units. With a well tried and tested solution, Likvor now seeks capital to expand globally.


Tendium has developed a system based on AI that brings about enormous improvements in how public tendering is made. Their system makes the tendering system more efficient and more inclusive, giving smaller actors a fair chance to compete. Since the launch and last pitch to our network, Tendium has gained momentum and now raises capital to accelerate marketing.


EzyAgric was started by a team of young entrepreneurs in Uganda in 2015 under the name Akorion. The team built a smartphone based platform for applications supporting small scale farmers on the African countryside. The platform today connects around 150,000 farmers with producers and distributors of farming implements, buyers, exporters, crop insurers and financial institutions, either directly or via village agents. Akorion received a first investment in 2019 from two industrial investors through EzyAgric B.V., who are now looking for funding to further scale up business both in Uganda and in at least one more country.

Hållbar Vardag

Balancing the demands between professional and private life has become even more challenging when working from home. The company is going through a digital transformation and making their evidence based method available also as a digital tool. The founder seeks capital to continue that development and to push marketing campaigns. Before joining the event, why not taking their simple test on the sustainability of you own life? Take the test here. (In Swedish only)

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