Impact investing is all about investing in change. Just like accounting and financial reporting, correct assessment of impact performance also requires the use of appropriate methods and validation. By using global standards and tools, and scientifically robust methods, Impact Invest can help you avoid common mistakes. We help investors and funders carry out evaluations in relation to the purpose of investment and ensure that you have a framework that helps you collect appropriate data in the future. 


Whether you have a portfolio of many investments in different sectors, or you have a few investments, we adapt the level of evaluation and reporting. We recognize that it needs to fit  the size of the organization and the type of challenge/solution that the organisation is addressing and therefore offer a flexible range of services. 


Impact Invest has been supporting social investors (foundations and individuals), public investors and commercial funds over the past ten years in managing investments, developing impact reporting frameworks and providing advice for better outcomes. Our experience is mainly in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. See examples here.

We have also published a book which includes a number of case studies and organisations that we have helped develop social investment strategies and processes. The publication is available as e-book, audio book and in printed format. More about the book here.


Contact us to learn more about: 


  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework

  • Selecting performance metrics at organization or portfolio level

  • Independent evaluation of positive (and negative) impact 

  • Assessing the investor’s contribution

  • Impact reporting and communications

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